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On Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March 2024 we will be putting on our big production “The Tales of Cherry Tree Lane” based on the story of Mary Poppins with a Jazzy J’s twist.

It will be at the Riley Smith Hall in Tadcaster, with performances across the weekend. All students from Baby Ballet up to our Adult Tappers are invited to take part in the show and every class will perform one routine (excluding PBT, Pre-Pointe & Ballet/Jazz/Tap Technique).

So this is your official SAVE THE DATE for the show. Rehearsals are in normal class time (starting from September) with the addition of a few key rehearsals the week beforehand.

Important dates to know;

  • Thursday 20th July 2023– Auditions for some main parts in the show. This is open to students aged 7 + on the day of the audition. More details regarding signing up for these will be available in our Summer term.
  • Sunday 10th March 2024– full show run through with all students at the Gateway Centre Acomb
  • Monday 11th 2024 – Thursday 14th March 2024 – Tech rehearsals on stage at the Riley Smith Hall. Timetables for students for this week will be sent out (Students won’t need to attend every evening)
  • Friday 15th March 2024 – Dress Rehearsal at the Riley Smith Hall. Full run through of the show in costume with set, lights and props
  • Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th 2024 – SHOW WEEKEND!!! At the Riley Smith Hall

We can say from experience the children have an absolute blast and watching them on stage is fantastic – lifetime memories for the whole family! The children gain so much confidence and such a sense of achievement from taking part. However, if you have any concerns about the show or do not want to be involved in it please speak to your teacher or see us on the reception desk as soon as possible.

Want to take part? Let us know by 22nd July 2023.

To be a part of the show we require a £20 deposit per child (non-refundable) to book your space and this will include an exclusive show t-shirt for rehearsals and show week! Signing up is available now, however the latest to let us know and pay your deposit is SATURDAY 22Nd JULY 2023. This is to enable Jess and the other teachers to plan the show and dances over the Summer holidays ready to get started in September!Please transfer the money into the following account, referencing your child’s name & SHOW where possible please;

*Please note this is a different account to where dance fees are paid*

Account Number: 51084260

Sort Code: 306364

Please put your child’s name and show in the reference

If you have not done a show with us the whole thing can feel quite daunting and at times it won’t always make sense to you!!  The only thing we can say is trust the process!!  We know what the end goal is and we know how to get there, you will think we are bonkers at times but there is most definitely a method to our madness!!! It will be such fun and lifetime memories for all will be made!

As always, any questions then please just ask or check the FAQs below


What do the children gain from the experience?

I can say from experience the children have an absolute blast and watching them on stage is fantastic – life time memories for the whole family! The children gain so much confidence and such a sense of achievement from taking part.

When and how do the children learn the show routines?

The children learn their show dances in their normal dance lessons and this takes about 10 weeks. We have costumes which are paid for by parents so we try to keep the cost down as much as possible. Our shows usually have a theme and a story and as we get closer to the show date we run the show with everyone in the dance school so it can start to come together.

What happens during show week?

During the show week all classes have a 10 minute rehearsal in costume on stage to get used to being on the stage and spacing – this really helps the children in terms of spatial awareness and knowing what to expect on the show weekend so they are not overwhelmed when we add the lighting and scenery! We then have a dress rehearsal where we run the show but we can stop at any point to sort any unexpected things out if needed. This then fully prepares children for the actual performance so they have a good idea of what to expect – which increases confidence, enjoyment and excitement!!


Help from parents!

We can not run the shows with out help from parents and carers (chaperones, quick changes, ticket sales to name a few jobs!!) and we are very lucky to have fabulous mums and dads at Jazzy J’s who make all the above possible!!